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Delving into the Issues of the Chinese Economy and the World by Marxist Economists

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The book includes 30 articles divided into 4 parts: basic principles of Marxist economics; contemporary socialist economy in China, contemporary capitalist economy and comparative studies on Marxist economics and Western economics. All authors are prominent Chinese Marxist economists.

This book, under the chief editorship of Prof. Cheng Enfu, is one of the results of the discipline construction and theoretical research of the Marxist Theory implemented by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and is one from the book series The Discipline Construction and Theoretical Research of the Marxist Theory. This book mainly contains the representative and high-level articles on Marxist economics published nationwide in 2013, which are the representative, cutting-edge and authoritative results of current theoretical research in China on Marxism.




PART 1: Basic Principles of Marxist Economics

On the Role of Government and Market in the Resource Allocation
by Liu Guoguang

The Principles and Methods for an Accurate Reading of Capital
by Wei Xinghua

Engels and the Early Debate on the “Transformation” Problem

— In Memory of the 120th Anniversary of the Publication of the Volume III of Capital
by Gu Hailiang

On the Objectivity of the Object of Research of the Political Economy
by Ding Baojun, Gao Ling and Wang Jinqiu

Did Marx Abandon the Theory of Tendency of the Rate of Profit To Fall?

— The New Debate of the Law of the Rate of Profit to Fall Triggered after the Publication of MEGA2II
by Xie Fusheng and Wang Jiateng

A Probe into the Origin of the Thought of Political Economy in the Broad Sense
—Research Based on the Classical Texts by Marx and Engels during 1845-1867
by Lu Jiang and Ge Yang

Debate on the Two Views in the Economic Field Continues
by Xiang Qiyuan

PART 2: Contemporary Socialist Economy in China

Perfect Our Dual Regulation System: Market’s Decisive Role and the Role of the Government
by Cheng Enfu

Constructing the Socialist Economic System with Chinese Characteristics with the Thinking of Totality
by Hu Leming

Reflection on the Idea That Comprehensive Reform Must Adhere to and Advance on the Correct Track
by Xiang Qiyuan

Analysis of the Changes in the Circumstances of China’s Economic Growth
by Lin Gang

An Analysis on the Problems of the Current Income Distribution in China and Countermeasures
by Rong Shengxian, Hong Yuanpeng and Tao Youzhi

Is the State-owned Economy Irrelevant to Socialism?
by Zhang Yu and Wang Ting

On Promoting the Scientization of Reform Theories
by He Ganqiang

On the Combination of the Socialist State-owned Economy and Market Economy
by Xu Chuanchen and Zhai Xuquan

Watch out for the Independent Innovation Strategy to Avoid the Repetition of the Mistake of Westernization Movement
by Jia Genliang

PART 3: Contemporary Capitalist Economy

Why the US Declines
by Hu Angang

From the “US-European Model” to “Competitive Market System”
— A Debate with Mr. Wu Jinglian
by Fang Xingqi

Critique of Sustainable Development of Capitalism
by Yu Kaihong and Zhao Lei

Trend of International Economic Crisis and Capitalism: From the Angle of Class Analysis
by Zhu Andong and Cai Wanhuan

How to Understand the “Large Market and Small Government” Mode of Western Market Economy
by He Zili

The Manifestation of the Economic Globalization of the Developed Countries since the 1970s and Its Influence on the Hired Workers
by Sun Shoutao

Analysis on Institutional Regulation and Corporate Social Responsibility: Different Views from Europe
by Zhang Xian and Tan Kecheng

On the Slight Recovery and Deeply Hidden Dangers in the Current World Economy
by Ding Bing

PART 4: Comparative Studies on Marxist Economics and Western Economics

The Neo-liberalism in Western Economics
by Wu Yifeng

Thriving Vitality of Socialism Property Rights System with Chinese Characteristics
— The End of Western Full Privatization Theory
by Bai Baoli and Fu Huihuang

Capital and Research Methods of Modern Economics
by Feng Jinhua

The Disadvantages of Modernist Economics Trend and the Value of Pluralistic Orientation in the Study of Economics
by Zhang Xu


Growth, Development and Social Justice
—A Summary of the 9th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy
by Ding Xiaoqin and Guo Yanqing


Cheng Enfu, former academic director of the Academy of Marxism attached to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and chief editor of 2 international peer-reviewed journals, World Review of Political Economy (English) and International Critical Thought (English);  He is one of  the main founders of  the Shanghai School of Economics. His works have won many national and Shanghai level academic awards. His many academic articles were published in national and international journals. His representative books include:

On Three Stages of Socialism (2001); Modern Political Economics (2003); Chinese and Russian Economists’ Viewpoints on Chinese and Russian Economic Reform (2005); Exploration on Economic Theory in Contemporary China, Methodology of Economics (2013); Case Study for Modern Political Economics (2015), The Creation of Value by Living Labor. A Normative and Empirical Study (Canut Intl. in english, 2019), Modern Political Economy: A Coursebook (Canut Intl. in english, 2023).


Format: paperback
Publication date: 2020
Page extent: 446
ISBN: 9786059914604


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