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Frontiers of World Socialism Studies Vol.1

Yellow Book of World Socialism

The “Yellow Book” is the annual fruit of research conducted by the World Socialism Research Center attached to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is a selection of cutting-edge and representative research articles dealing with the issues of world socialism and the world socialist movement as its driving force.


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The “Yellow Book” is the annual fruit of research conducted by the World Socialism Research Center attached to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is a selection of cutting-edge and representative research articles dealing with the issues of world socialism and the world socialist movement as its driving force. Following up the newest developments, changes and transformations of our era, the global predicament resulting from the still ongoing financial crisis of 2007, the resistance of the world’s peoples from various countries to an ever-growing burden of the crisis of capitalism including outstanding events such as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It brings together Marxist thinkers from all over the world for a common discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences. This publication is realized in cooperation with Social Sciences Academic Press China.

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So far, we are still in the era where the working class strives for socialist revolution and building socialism, during its development Marx and Engels have evaluated the first stage. Lenin evaluated the second stage, of monopoly capitalism, or the imperialist wars and the proletarian revolution. Deng Xiaoping was the first one who visioned the third stage and its overall features: ‘currently the world is faced with two major issues, peace and development, instead of war and revolution’.

— Wang Weiguang

Some believe that the prospects for world socialism look bleak. Others argue that the international financial crisis is deepening and socialism will soon set off a new upsurge. Viewpoints vary, but I believe pessimism is generally stronger, and is not without reason; as thorough historical materialists, we should not only see the objective conditions provided by history, but also give full play to subjective initiative.

— Li Shenming

Which forces are to blame for the sudden demise of the superpower, Soviet Union, and the CPSU with 19 mil. members? I think there were three forces, the first was the elites in the party and state government, the majority of them, their 4 evil actions gave a heavy blow. The third force was just the SU itself—its own people.

— Yuri Prokofyev

Why is Marxism on the rise again? — Today’s popular movements, Greece or elsewhere, also indicate that there’s a new will not to let our governments and our bankers inflict their crisis on the people… The revival of interest in Marxism, especially for young people comes because it provides tools for analyzing capitalism, and especially capitalist crises such as the one we’re in now.

— Quotes from Stuart Jeffries, the columnist of The Guardian, trans. by Song Lidan

The reappearance of annual Intl. Meeting of Communist and Workers’ parties is no accident, after the drastic changes and the setback, world’s communist parties have analyzed the nature and lessons of these changes and during their bilateral exchanges reiterated their commitment to Marxism and the ideal of communism, and thus a rapport was reached among them on ideological and theoretical issues…world socialist movement has encountered profound changes in the past few decades, just to mention one aspect: it has almost changed from a movement pursuing the overthrow of capitalism through a violent proletarian revolution towards a movement pursing a revolutionarily transformation of capitalism with peaceful and democratic means.

— Nie Yunlin


Y. 1 The Issue of Era and Historical Location: On Marxism and the Historical Destiny of Socialism Wang Weiguang
Y. 2 New Features of the Present Capital Empire: Financial, Scientific and Technological, Cultural and Military Hegemony Li Shenming
Y. 3 Big Crisis, Big Differentiation and Big Transformation: A Reanalysis of the Profound Changes in the World Pattern Cao Suhong and Wang Liqiang
Y. 4 “Occupy Wall Street” Movement and the Crisis of the US Capitalism Wang Jing
Y. 5 Class Analysis of Global Capitalism and Its Main Features Jiang Hui
Y. 6 In the West, Capitalism is like the Sun Zhang Wenmu
Y. 7 Where are the “Dangers” of Capitalism? Jiang Hui
Y. 8 On the Increasing Risk of Economic Turmoil: U.S. and Europe’s Transfer of Losses of Economic Crises, Domestic and External Transfer Yang Bin
Y. 9 The Domination of Financial Monopoly Capital and the Formation of the Global Rentier Empire Chen Renjiang
Y. 10 The Crisis of the Capitalist System and the Future of Socialism Song Lidan
Y. 11 A Preliminary Exploration on the Early Warning System of the Financial Crisis Wang Liqiang
Y. 12 Suggested Research and Formulating Long-term Strategy in China- Some Observations about Capitalism Li Changjiu
Y. 13 Reflections on the Predicaments of Capitalism in the West Today Zhao Minghao
Y. 14 Some Thoughts on the International Strategy He Bingmeng
Y. 15 Social Crisis Induces the Resurgence of French Left-wing Thoughts Shen Xiaoquan
Y. 16 From Iran to Xinjiang: The Swirl in the “Oval-shaped” Zone under the Shadow of the US Middle East Strategy Ma Zhongcheng
Y. 17 The US-Style Oligarchy: Paul Krugman’s Critique of Social Inequality in the United States Yu Haiqing
Y. 18 Pursuit of “Universal Values” as Part of the US Foreign Strategy Xie Xiaoguang
Y. 19 How Has “State Capitalism” Become the “New Pet” of the West? Cheng Enfu and Hou Weimin
Y. 20 Neoliberalism Worsens Global Labor Relations Cui Xuedong
Y. 21 The Decline of the Western Market Fundamentalism Yu Zuyao
Y. 22 A Research on the Policy of Neoliberalism and Its International Influence Tian Chunsheng
Y. 23 Problems of The Western Labor Movement as Demonstrated in the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement Wu Jinping
Y. 24 Occupy the System: Confronting Global Capitalism- A Commentary on International Left Forum 2012 Lu Weizhou
Y. 25 “Occupy Wall Street Movement” on Its First Anniversary: Gains, Losses and Prospects Zhang Xinning
Y. 26 Some Questions to be Heeded in the Research of “International Secretive Groups” Jing Xianghui
Y. 27 An In-depth Investigation among the Working Class of Beijing: An Experience and Reflection Lu Gang


Format: paperback

Publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9786059914338

Page extent: 350


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