J.B. Foster, G. Zyuganov, T. Andréani, H. Onishi, A. Freeman, N.M. Hoan (ed.)

Innovative Marxist School in China

Comments by International Scholars on Cheng Enfu’s Academic Thoughts

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Chang Enfu is the chief editor of the World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) and International Critical Thought (ICT) published in the United Kingdom, as well as Chinese Journal of Political Economics (CJPE) and Journal of Economics of Shanghai School (JESS). He is an esteemed and widely acclaimed left-wing thinker and political economist, both in China and on the global stage.

This book is published in order to strengthen the exchange of thoughts and views among left-wing scholars worldwide and to better understand the theories and policy proposals of the Innovative Marxist School in China. Comments by scholars from any country, be they in agreement, deepening or questioning, are all necessary for the prosperity of the global left-wing system of thought, and for the promotion of human civilization and progress.




Cheng Enfu, director of the Academy of Marxist Philosophy and director of Western Economic Studies Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and the president of the World Association of Political Economy (WAPE). He is editor-in-chief of the journals International Critical Thought and World Review of Political Economics (World Association of Political Economics) published by Routledge and Pluto Press, respectively. His academic expertise is in theoretical economics.


PART ONE: Contemporary Socialist Theory

Socialist Market Economy: Experiences of Western Scientists from the Economic Thought of Professor Cheng Enfu during the Initial Steps of China within the World System of the Market

Alexandros Dagkas & Roula Tsokalidou

Socialism With Chinese Characteristics and Equitable Development

-A Look at the Thought of Cheng Enfu

Isaac Christiansen & P. Mike Rattanasengchanh

The Real Socialism: A Dialogue Between Domenico Losurdo and Cheng Enfu

Diego Pautasso and Tiago Nogara

Building a Comprehensive Communist Civilization

-The Science of Marxism in the Thought of Cheng Enfu

David S. Pena

Congratulations and Thanks 100 Years Communist Party of China

-100 Years of China’s Struggle for Socialism

Cornelius Renkl & Ernst Herzog

The Transition to Socialism. Yesterday and Today

David Lane

How to Lead to the Road of Socialism: Comrade Cheng Enfu, A True Marxist Thinker

V.A. Popovich

On the Electronic Revolution and Cheng Enfu’s Economic Analysis of the Stages of Socialism

Bruce E. Parry, Ph.D

Sectoral Trends and Economic Development in China

Jean-Claude Delaunay

PART TWO: Contemporary Capitalist Theory

An Analysis of Contemporary Imperialism Based on a Marxist-Leninist Perspective and Method

Peggy Cantave Fuyet

Notes on Contemporary Imperialism and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

-The Contribution of Cheng Enfu

Marcelo Pereira Fernandes

On Cheng Enfu’s ‘Five Characteristics of Neo-Imperialism’

Stavros D. Mavroudeas

Imperialism and Marxist Theory

David M. Kotz

Bending Law – The Global Financial Crisis as the Early Stage of the Beginning of a New Phase of History

Peter Herrmann

Out of the Ashes and into the Dust: Britain’s Developmental State

Michael Keaney

China’s Development Model of Distributive Capitalism

-Rethinking Sri Lanka’s Growth Path

W. D. Lakshman & Kenneth De Zilwa

The U.S.-China Confrontation and the New World Order

-The False Technological War

Miguel Ángel Rivera Ríos, Oscar Daniel Araujo Loredo & José Benjamín Lujano López

Cheng Enfu in China, Ricardo in Mexico: Intellectual and Comparative Advantages as State Insertion Outcomes in Knowledge Capitalism

-Obtaining Lessons for Developing World in the Face of a Possible Transition to a New Post-Covid-19 Pandemic World Order

Carlos Sanchez

PART THREE: Contemporary Marxist Economics

Cheng Enfu and the Renaissance of Marxian Political Economy in China

John Bellamy Foster

The Philosophical Economist: The Contribution of Cheng Enfu

Roland Boer

Cheng Enfu and the Value of Living Labour

Jeff Noonan

Innovative Marxian Economics

Romar Correa

Wage Slavery, Capital and the Law of Value

Henry Heller

Searching for Ideas to Build a Non-Capitalist Economics:

Some Learnings from Chinese Scholars

Irene Sotiropoulou

Vigilant Leninist Warrior: The Significance of Academician Cheng Enfu to China’s Line of Political Security Defense

Y.I. Yakovlev

PART FOUR: Philosophy and History

PART FIVE: Book Reviews of Related Works


Format: paperback

Publication date: 2023

Page extent: 744

ISBN: 978-605-4923-74-8


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