Wu Meihua

The Marxist Theory of Party

Classics, Innovations and the Communist Party of China

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A historical survey on the development of the Marxist theory of party culminating in the contributions of the Communist Party of China.


Many defects of post-capitalist societies are often attributed to ruling Marxist parties, their rigid structures, bureaucratization, over-centralization and false interpretation of Marx’s relevant ideas after him. Of course, this was related with the cultural codes of those countries. Grave policy mistakes or loss of belief were also considered as part of structural degeneration and distorted class links. This book offers a realistic approach to the problems in the history of Marxist parties -both those in opposition and ruling-; the historical development of ideas on Marxist party. The book was written by scholars from China Renmin University, debating problems with their societal and historical environment; suggesting courageous trials, innovations, institutionalization, transparency, inner-party democracy, empowerment of members and supervision from outside the Marxist party. And the book is unique as it studies the concept of the ruling Marxist party more comprehensively, and delves into the less debated parts of the party building theory: party’s work style and ideological line concepts. The author gives detailed information on how CPC has innovated itself through many reforms and improvements.




Format: paperback

Publication date: 2011

Page extent: 374

ISBN: 9783942575010


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