Shen Yang

Society Building and Social Governance in China

Proceeding from the innovative Marxist concept of society building, the book gives a detailed account on the recent achievements made by China in education, health and people’s wellbeing.


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Proceeding from the ideational and theoretical basis of the innovative Marxist concept of “society building”, the book gives a detailed account on the recent achievements made by China in education, health and people’s wellbeing, focusing on the tremendous achievement of building a socialist governance system with Chinese characteristics and strengthening and innovating social governance, unfolding the new ideas and strategies in society building and social governance in China since the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (2017).

Readers will find numerous facts about today’s China including COVID-19 pandemic governance and an unpretentious and fairly objective assessment of the modernization drive at an unprecedented pace in human history towards a prosperous society in all respects, and the socio-political structures that underpin and interact with this drive. It will be of interest to academics, professionals, students and the general public seeking a comprehensive understanding of China.

Another salient feature of the book is the several show cases and oral stories that epitomize the new height of the prevention and control system for social security in China: the “Xicheng Aunties”, the SWAT Corps of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the “Chaoyang Masses”, the Command Hall of the Traffic Administration Bureau, the “Pharaohs”, the Shuangyushu Fire Brigade, the Beixinqiao Police Station and the On-Duty Office of Network Security, Fengheying Checkpoint into Beijing…

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  1. Ideational and Theoretical Basis of Society Building in China
    1. Marx and Engels’ ideas of society building
    2. Mao Zedong’s ideas of society building
    3. Theories of society building after Reform and Opening-up
  2. Improving the Universal Level of Education and Health
    1. Running a modern education that people are satisfied with
    2. Advancing the construction of a healthy China
    3. Safeguarding and Improving People’s Wellbeing
    4. Advancing giving priority to the development of social employment
    5. Increasing the residents’ income in a shared development
    6. Perfecting the social security system covering urban and rural areas
  3. Building A Social Governance System with Chinese Characteristics
    1. Strengthening the construction of a social governance system
    2. Building the basic public services system
    3. Basic formation of a modern social organization system
    4. Innovating the social governance system
  4. Strengthening and Innovating Social Governance
    1. Perfecting the system for preventing and resolving social conflicts
    2. Innovating and perfecting the social credit system
    3. Establishing and improving the public safety system
    4. Establishing a national security system

Author Biography

Dr. Shen Yang, Current Director of the Research Department of Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the Academy of Marxism attached to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), master supervisor and associate researcher. During 2005-2008, he studied in the Academy of Marxism attached to the CASS and received the Doctor of Law degree. His research mainly focuses on society building and social governance in China, socialism with Chinese characteristics, party building, collective economy in rural areas.

He wrote four monographs: Society Building and Social Governance in China; Reform and Opening-up and Early Period Practice of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; Glorious Journey: Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; A Comparison on the Essence of Democratic Socialism with the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. More than 40 articles written by him were published in newspapers and academic journals. His book Glorious Journey: Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics won the Outstanding Book Award of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2016.


Format: paperback
Publication date: 2021
Page extent: 202
ISBN: 9786054923588
Also available as ebook


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