Xu Guangchun (ed.)

The Great Dictionary of Marxism

In Two Volumes

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The most comprehensive dictionary of Marxism with 2,094 entries by a team of more than 100 experts in 5 years of preparatory work

The compilation of The Great Dictionary of Marxism is a major commissioned project of the National Social Science Foundation of China undertaken by the Wuhan University Collaborative Innovation Centre for Marxist Theory and Chinese Practice, and a key project for the prosperous development of philosophy and social science in Hubei Province. The project took five years from its inception in 2013 to its finalisation in November 2017, and the first draft of the entry articles were written in two and a half years from the winter of 2013 to the end of April 2016. From the beginning of May 2016 to the end of November 2017, it took more than a year to consolidate the draft, resulting in 2,094 entries. Among them, 626 entries are divided according to the stages of development of Marxism: Marxism (General Theories and Strict Sense), 382 entries on Leninism, 578 entries on Mao Zedong Thought, and 508 entries on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics (including Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents, the scientific outlook on development, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era); by type: 1,023 articles on basic concepts and principles, 552 articles on representative writings, 147 articles on representative figures, 150 articles on major historical events, newspapers and journals, organisations and institutions, 124 articles on important conferences, 56 articles on schools of thought and 42 articles on historical background.

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Format: hardback

Publication date: 2024

Page extent: 1625

ISBN: 978-605-4923-70-0


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