Wu Yin

The History of Japanese Politics and Diplomacy

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This book is a selection of the most crucial papers of a Chinese expert on Japanese studies.


45,00 $

This book is a selection of the most crucial papers of a Chinese expert on Japanese studies. The papers cover many topics involving politics, economy, culture, diplomacy and other aspects. It has a high academic value. Researcher Wu Yin, the author, has been devoted to the study of Japanese issues for a long time, from the early study of the history of China-Japan relations to the later study of contemporary Japanese international relations. Her study covers the China-Japan relations in various historical periods and involves various fields of contemporary Japanese political culture. Her discussion from the perspectives of “Emperor politics” (Tennō) and “concept of family-country” (kazoku kokka) can be regarded as the key to Japan’s political culture. However, the proposition of the view of “equal imbalance” in today’s China-Japan relations is of great enlightening significance to people’s deep understanding of the essence of China-Japan relations under the cover of various complicated appearances. There are many similar highlights in the manuscript, so I will not list them. I believe that with one volume in hand, readers will be able to understand the context of China-Japan relations. It is worth noting that the manuscript is not only academic but also highly readable due to the author’s fluent writing. It is not only of reference value to professional Japanese researchers, but also suitable for general readers to read. In addition, in the interview record of a Japanese researcher’s path, the author deeply reviewed the footprints of his own academic path, in which the spirit of academic research revealed can also give the later generations of scholars extraordinary incentives.




Prof. Wu Yin, born in March 1953, was the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Her main academic expertise is in modern Japanese political history, and she is mainly engaged in Japanese studies. Main representative works: A Study of the Political System of Modern Japan (monograph), From Coordinated Diplomacy to Autonomous Diplomacy – Japan’s Relationship with the Western Powers in the Pursuit of its China Policy (monograph), and On the Japanese Administrative System in the Early Meiji Period (dissertation).


1. Japanese Politics
Reverence for the Tennö and the Traditional Japanese Culture
The Role of Tennö Reverence during the Process of the Naissance of Modern Japanese Regime
On the Ethical Concept of Familial State in Modern Japan
The Establishment of Modern Japanese Democracy
On the Internal Structure of the Meiji Constitution System
On the Pre-war Japanese Bourgeois Parties and Their Adjustment to the Political System Operation
On the Cabinet Changes under the Meiji Constitution Framework
On the Wartime Reform of the Japanese Zaibatsus
On the Administrative Guidance of Japanese Government to Enterprises
Japan’s Collectivist Cultural Psychology and Its Post-war Politics
Analysis of Postwar Politics of Japan
Origin and Structural Characteristics of Japanese Mikado System

2. Japanese Diplomacy
The Truth of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s “Refusal to the Ming Dynasty’s Imperial Decree and Conferment”
Changes of Pre-war Japan-US Economic Relationship and Their Influence to Japanese Diplomacy Policies
Study on the Failure of Japanese Diplomacy as It Seceded from the League of Nations
Japan’s Foreign Strategy and the Taiwan Question
Hot War, Cold War or Warm War?
— Development of Political Trends in Japan and Development of Sino-Japan Relations against the International Background

3. Japanese Militarism
The Relationships between Japan’s Zaibatsus and Fascist Forces
Analysis on the Two Faces Character of Japanese Militarism
Japanese Militarism and Power Politics
Honor and Homage Ceremonies

4. Sino-Japanese Relations
Some Reflections on How to Develop Sino-Japanese Relations
China and Japan: Normalization of Diplomatic Relations and Normalization of Relations
The Peer Balance: The Current Trend in the Development of Sino-Japan Relations

5. Japanese Studies
“Small” and “Big” in Japanese Studies
New Era and New Tasks for the Japanese Studies


Format: paperback
Publication date: 2020
Page extent: 442
ISBN: 9786059914741


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