Wu Jingmin & Zhang Leisheng

Theory and Practice of Socialism in Development

The innovation of the Marxist scientific socialism theory by socialism with Chinese characteristics is treated as the unity of the theoretical logic of Marxist scientific socialism and the historical logic of China’s social development.

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The issue of socialist theory and practice is a major subject that is exactly in development. Based on the analysis of theoretical explorations made in the practice of Marxist scientific socialism theory in the world scope, the book highlights the innovation of the Marxist scientific socialism theory by socialism with Chinese characteristics, and reflects the unity of the theoretical logic of Marxist scientific socialism and the historical logic of China’s social development. In addition, it analyzes the unprecedented new subjects and new tests faced by the Communist Party of China in holding power, and expounds the importance and urgency of strengthening the party’s governance ability and governing and holding power for the people. In the study of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and foreign Marxist socialism theories, the book further explores the relationship between capitalism and socialism in the world process, and demonstrates the inevitable historical process and trend of the development of human society in the prospect of the development of world socialism and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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The Practice of Scientific Socialism Theory

The Changes in the Subject of Scientific Socialism

Building Socialism in Economically and Culturally Backward Countries

“New Economic Policy” Utilizing Capitalism to Develop Socialism

“Stalin Model” and Socialist Reform

All-round Development of Human Being and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Innovations in the Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

On the Main Contradictions in the Socialist Society

The Essence of Socialism and the Issue of Fairness & Efficiency

Economic System and Socialist Market Economy

The Innovation Rendered by the Theory of “Three Represents” to the Theory of Scientific Socialism

Scientific Outlook on Development Guiding China’s Economic and Social Development

Building a Socialist Harmonious Society

The Exploration of the CPC on the Law of Governance throughout Socialist Construction

Unity of the Path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the Institutional System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

The Socialist Market Economy and the Construction of CPC’s Ruling Capacity

Correctly Grasping the Party’s Ruling Experience in the Process of Socialist Construction

Reforms Initiated by Various Parties of the World in the Contemporary Era

A Study of the Ruling Experience and Lessons of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Socialism Theories by Marxists Abroad

Foreign Marxists’ Discussion on “What Socialism Is ?”

A Probe into the Prospect of Socialism by Foreign Marxists

Research of Foreign Marxists on the Drastic Changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Research by Foreign Marxists on the Development Mode of Socialism

Foreign Marxists’ Understanding of “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”

Capitalism and Socialism in the Development Process of the World

New Changes in Capitalism and New Factors of Socialism

Capitalist Economic Crisis and the Victory of Socialism

Scientific Understanding of New Changes in the Class Structure in the Developed Capitalist Countries

The Relation between Capitalism and Socialism in the Process of Economic Globalization

The Future of Socialist Development

The Movement of Fundamental Contradiction of Capitalism and Its Historical Trend

“The Third Way” Thought and the Development of Human Society

The Structure of World System and the Historical Trend of Human Social Development

“Two Inevitabilities” and “Two Nevers”

Author Biography

Zhang Leisheng, born in 1954, famous Marxist theorist, Professor of Marxism College of Renmin University of China and Doctoral Supervisor. She was Secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the Institute of Marxism of Renmin University of China. From 1988 to 2005, she served as the director of the Marxist theory teaching and research section of the Marxist Theory Education Institute. Her research directions are basic principles of Marxism, Marxist economic thought and theories of economic development of developing countries. Her representative works are Economic Construction and Overall Well-off Society (2009), On the Economic Development of Developing Countries (2002), American Economy (1994).

Wu Jingmin, editor, master of economics. Graduated from the Department of Political Economy, Renmin University of China in 1986, and then stayed at the university to work. He has been engaged in the editing and publishing of academic journals since 1996, and is currently the deputy editor of the Journal of Renmin University of China. The main social part-time jobs include: Vice President and Secretary-General of the National Society for the History of Marxist-Leninist Economics, Standing Director of the China Periodical Association, and Consultant of the National College of Liberal Arts Journal Research. The main writings he participated in include European Market Organization, State-owned Economy, The Way of University and The Path of Journals, The Way to Improve the International Influence of Academic Journals, etc.


Format: paperback
Publication date: 2020
Page extent: 430
ISBN: 9786057693242


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